Rear sprocket -which way facing out?
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Thread: Rear sprocket -which way facing out?

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    Rear sprocket -which way facing out?

    So I'll be installing this stuff on the track bike tomorrow, and of course I failed to ask this when I purchased the sprocket -so instead of bugging the shop with this rather embarassing question as I probably should, I'll put this to the masses.
    Which way faces out on the rear sprocket? my factory manual states the side stamped with the tooth count and that seems clear enough for a stock one.. on the sprocket I have there are numbers on both sides, one side has the tooth count and the other the part number with the tooth count. the only difference between the sides is the side with the part number/tooth count has a lip. So any ideas? Personally I hope it all becomes clear when I pull the old one.

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    lips usually face outward on both sprockets and women folk alike.

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    I have a vortex which is even easier to figure out. Pretty side out.
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    bad, m'kay?
    Sort of unrelated, but since you are replacing your sprocket, check your cush drive and bearings for wear.
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