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    Rain Gear

    Does anybody know any local dealers in particular that have a pretty wide selection of rain gear? I don't really know what to look for in proper rain gear. I just want sort of a poncho style covering over my leathers. That I can just throw on outta my pack if it starts to hail on my ass, lol. Thanks guys.


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    if you just want a poncho style, CT has them in their camping section. Wind drag will be a bitch though.

    check out MEC for jacket/pants.

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    Keep in mind that the flapping of a poncho or any rain jacket that is too loose would possibly develop premature wear as well as likely lead to fatigue.

    3 Vets is another place that carries raingear at good prices. (2200 Yukon Street, Vancouver, 604-872-5475)

    Here are a few points to keep in mind for motorcycle specific rain gear:
    - Reflective inserts and bright colors are key safety assets in low-visibility situations.
    - A one-piece suit eliminates drafts and is often cheaper, but it's usually a bear to put on (especially since you are usually in a hurry) and lacks the versatility of jacket and pant options.
    - Foot entry needs to be generous or you'll be rolling around on the side of the road.
    - Collars should be high and jacket back hems low to cover your butt.
    - Wrist and ankle closures should be adjustable.
    - Make sure you buy big so you can wear it over your riding gear.... possibly bigger still for cold weather riding gear.
    - A mesh lining will make the suit easier to slip on and provide air circulation.
    - Size matters when it comes to vents, but here, smaller is better.

    If you are on a strict budget and don't plan on riding often in the rain, then just ignore the points above!
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    forza crono
    Hi Miguel,

    Jackie here at Forza Crono. The line of motorcycle apparel we carry, Clover, has a large line of 100% waterproof jackets and pants. I know you mentioned you have riding gear already, so not sure if this is the way you want to go. Many of their jackets are very versatile and made for all weather riding.

    Come visit us if you have some free time.
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    Yea, I do already have some gear, and don't want to cough up much more just to stay a little dry the odd days during the summer. So I am not going to go for another set of gear. I just can't remember, a guy let me use his gear one day and it was really useful. It was just like a plastic covering sort of, I can't explain it. Thanks for the help anyway.

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    I get wetskins at Marks work warehouse....cheap and folds to a small package....i keep it in my backpack just in case...$ 30-40 bucks for pants and a jacket....you can spend more for heavier duty sets
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    Costco. 2 piece rain suit. "Ganka" brand. Main in China. The pants have full length side zippers and built in boot covers (I cut them out). Jacket has a reflective stripe across back. Both jacket and pants are heavy duty and covers over street clothes with room to spare without flapping in the wind. I commute so it's used on a constant basis.

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    Mr.Sushi, FZ1, thanks. Both sound to be exactly what I want and in my price range. It's not like I'm doing long distance on em, just to get me to work without my ass drippin wet. Never fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by StagnantWaterPo
    Mr.Sushi, FZ1, thanks. Both sound to be exactly what I want and in my price range. It's not like I'm doing long distance on em, just to get me to work without my ass drippin wet. Never fun!
    Canadian tire has the wetskin suit on sale right now:

    Pretty cheap if you ask me. Good quality too. I don't remember if it can be packed or not. I returned mine after I got my ballistic pants. I might buy it again and huck it in my saddle compartment.

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