Best place to have a bike inspected?
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Thread: Best place to have a bike inspected?

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    Best place to have a bike inspected?

    Hey guys, I'd like to have a bike that I am looking at inspected. What is the best shop to take the bike to? What sort of cost am I looking at? Whats the etiquette here, the bike I am looking at doe not have insurance on it, obviously I would pay for the inspection, would I be expected to pay for the day permit as well? What are your experiences?
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    imperial ,they do inspections al the time

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    it'll likely cost about a hundred for the inspection.

    ask the owner to ride it there for you and offer to split the cost of a day permit.

    in the position of a seller, I think that would be fair and not a total waste.
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    Quote Originally Posted by borderline
    imperial ,they do inspections al the time
    Ditto. And they'll do them with no notice on most occassions too.
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