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Thread: Buying gear from the States

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    Question Buying gear from the States

    I used the Search feature on this site, but it did not make me much wiser.
    My question is:
    I want to order some gear online from the States for approx. $1000 US. How much is this going to cost me (levies, customs, exchange, taxes, taxes and more taxes?) by the time it gets to my doorstep. I've never bought anything from the States online before.
    I did check the local shops and I'm also open for suggestions regarding Canadian online retailers.

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    there is duty of 15% on all leather and textile gear. Shiiping brokerage and both taxes will be due and you will most likely have to go get it from the border to pay your duties.

    Email me for a price quote everthing in.

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    Make sure it's shipped USPS not UPS or Fedex etc. In my experience sometimes you get taxed sometimes you don't. I'm sure Kevin (mosquito) can get you the same deals as if you bought from the states.

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    I buy from two reputable dealers...Newenough and Cal-Sport...thats all. Good service and great products... prices are very competitive. You will pay USPS costs + Duty + Brokerage fees and Provincial + GST. For a $1000 US...POSTAL is $20US. Duty + Brockerage is usually around $30.00 cdn + Exchange is about a factor of 1.25, then add GST and PST... my estimate you will pay very close to $1300 + gst and pst when you go pick it up. Chances are you will pay alittle less.
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    Hmm I have ordered lots from the states via USPS and only once was there a fee I had to pay when the package arrived. It was 60 bucks for a $500 exhaust. UPS/Fedex etc is a different story you'll get all kinds of charges. And I've never had to pick a package up from the post office it comes right to my house.

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