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    fuel problem

    I have no idea why I'm getting this...but whenever I turn on my bike and I let it warm up, it's fine.. After I take it out for a bit, the fuel seems to sputter. It's like the fuel isn't being distributed to the cylinders evenly. What happens if the bike will sometimes move forward and sometimes it doesnt (when i give it a constant throttle). This consequences in jerky movements. After running it for a while and warming it up even more (I'm talking like 5 minutes of letting it sit) and sometimes it will die on me. It runs smoothly after that.

    I just bought this bike so I'm not sure about the previous maintenance. The person said he cleaned the carbs beforehand (he only had it for a month and a half) but I'm not sure what's wrong...

    any ideas? I plan to clean the carbs anyways.

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    anyone have any ideas why my engine sputters when its cold?

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    Sounds like fuel pipe from tank could be obstructed or kinked. This can happen if the tank is not put back carefully. I had a similar problem with my Bandit the first time a had the tank off to replace the air filter.

    If not, check out your petrol tap as you could have some crap in the tank.

    The other thing is that on my Bandit their is a vacuum pipe that leads from the petrol tap to the Carbs.

    Good luck, I hope this helps.

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    your carbs are probably a lil dirty.

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