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    Firmer Seat

    What's the best way to make a firmer seat aside from buying an aftermarket one? Is it possible to change to a higher density seat foam and sculpt and resurface it? Is this a do it yourselft job or take it somewhere?

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    Soak it, stick it in the freezer.
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    Phone a few upholstery shops--they might have some tips for you. I'd also consider inquiring at a medical supply store; I'd imagine that the foams used in high-end wheelchairs need to be comfortable for long periods of use.

    The seat on the SV is relatively simple, but I'd take it to a professional. Some seat pans aren't terribly durable, so you don't want to be tacking/stapling/glueing your seat cover too many times.

    Unfortunately, most of the custom seat makers are in the US, and we have to pay with our pathetic Canadian dollar.

    Good luck.

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