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    People of this world-rant

    There are days when I could do without some of the people of this world, it takes all kinds! Like the day when I kindly waved someone in front of me through the coffee drive through and the guy behind me started chanting obsenities and ramming by car from behind with his truck...or when I hear stories of people talking smack about me who have only met me a handful of times and maybe spoken three words to me, you don't know me! don't pretend to!...or the friend who only calls when they want something...or the friend who will do me a favor but only if I vaccinate, deworm and get food for his dog (for free of course)...or the fact that I am going through a heartbreaking decision to euthanize my dog and am giving my dog house away for free in hopes someone else can give their dog a better quality of life and in turn I get rude responses about how they can't believe I don't have people to help load and deliver the dog house and that THEIR time is valuable!...and then...someone brightens my day and gives me hope that there are kind souls left who were raised with morals and respect for the guy who heard about my peril and contacted me in hopes he could help without being asked, or my boss who gave me a spa package for a job well done, or the friends who are just my friends, no favors, no strings attached, just friends who make you feel welcome, YOUR COOL....the rest of humanity could learn a lesson from you!
    We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached. Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way.

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    very well said.
    I can totally relate. After the number of people I've met, some disappoint, some pleasantly surprise.

    All kinds out there. I just wish you could tell who's going to be like what so you could avoid the trouble with some of them.
    nobody gets out alive

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    take the dog house and shove it up their...
    Some people are like Slinkies ...
    Not really good for anything, but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.

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    Nice post Tanya

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    None right now...
    I feel your pain. Hopefully you have some nicer days in the near future.
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    hey, hey, it's not all bad.
    Now, I don't know you, you don't know me, but whenever you need a hand with something, feel free to shoot me a PM.
    if I can help,I will. I'm sure there is tons of people on the board who can and will say the same
    feel better.

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    simple solution: no expectations, no disappointment.

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    This world could use more love and selflessness.

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    There's a big difference between friends and acquaintances, and the more acquiantances you get, the more you appreciate your friends.

    Sorry to hear about your impending decision about your dog, I've been there and know what you're feeling. I figure that you just have to ask yourself if your best friend is enjoying life anymore, as much as we can decide that for them. When the time comes, I think you'll know in your heart.
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    Hey Tanya,

    glad you shared, seems like all the lewsers came out at once. i don't understand conditional friendship or how someone can behave so poorly to a veritable stranger.

    your sincerity is not lost on the majority of ppl on this site, keep that in mind next time someone acts like a jackass.

    i'm very sorry to hear about your dog. i can't imagine how difficult that must be.

    one six two seven eight nine

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    As pessimistic as it may seem, expect as little as possible from people, and you'll rarely be disappointed.
    Cry in the dojo, laugh on the battlefield
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jester666
    hey, hey, it's not all bad.
    Now, I don't know you, you don't know me, but whenever you need a hand with something, feel free to shoot me a PM.
    if I can help,I will. I'm sure there is tons of people on the board who can and will say the same
    feel better.
    I need to do some serious yard work in the next few weekends, you in? Maybe some landscaping, build a deck or something fun you know.

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    It's all about doing things for others just because you can... and not because you'll be rewarded or to make yourself feel better. That last part will come anyway.

    Sorry to hear about the decision you had to make with your dog. I had to make the same decision for my cat a few years ago and it was one of the hardest, emotional experiences I had to go through.

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    I've found that when I have expectations and rely on another person's word is when I get screwed...been burned a few times too!
    Sex is like driving a honda: Slow, Obscene, and so loud it wakes your neighbors!

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    Awwwww! I'm sorry to hear about your bad experiences lately...I wish there was some emoticon I could choose on this board to send you a virtual hug! Sounds like you need it....

    Instead, I'm sending you a creepy Carebear hug! Don't make me send these guys to your house! ....and here is a happy little poem I wrote just for you:

    Dear Tanya,
    also known as Libby;
    listen to this truth,
    this ain't no fibbie: (c'mon... NOTHING rhymes with "Libby"!)..

    When they bump your car,
    or bitch about your dog house,
    just give them a smile, shrug for a while,
    and try to look as cute as a mouse.

    Keep a tire iron under your seat,
    and when they least expect it,
    leap out of your car with the metal bar,
    and leave their truck all dented!

    When you're giving them a free dog house
    and they whine about deliveries,
    Just take a step back and kick them in the sack,
    but if it's a lady, kick her in the ovaries.

    The world is full of assholes
    and selfish mother fu**ers
    you gotta ride your ride
    and ignore the others.

    PS. I'm sorry to hear about your dog...
    Team Troll
    "Happy New Ear!" - Mike Tyson.

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