Lets get a ride going this weekend! 03/25 or 03/26
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Thread: Lets get a ride going this weekend! 03/25 or 03/26

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    Lets get a ride going this weekend! 03/25 or 03/26

    Hey people! how have we all been doing? Me? great thanks! What a cruel winter we had this year, such teasing with warm weather in January then it goes cold!

    I know its a short notice but heh comes with the territory. Nuthing to intense of course as roads still arent the best!

    Was thinking maybe a tour of the Okanogan/Kamloops area. I dunno, something. I surely can't be the only one that has the CRAVING!

    Lets get some ideas going. Im down for anything!!!!

    Cheers SB'ers!
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    Saturday or sunday, I have a new front tire and a pefectly broken in rear (tire) , would love to see you, breakfast in falkland?

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    Okanagan Sportbikes has a ride being formulated for Sunday the 26th. No destination has really been chosen. Check it out


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