Great Spring Ride I had Today
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Thread: Great Spring Ride I had Today

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    Great Spring Ride I had Today

    WHAT a day!!! Last day of my 4 days off. I insured my bike on monday the 20th only to have it start raining the very next day. I figured my days off were ruined. Well I woke up today to see a little opening in the clouds turn into the valley being nice and sunny, I got out and had the best Spring ride that I could remember in a long time.

    Started out in Coquitlam and headed towards Mission, via Dewny Trunk (nice for the twistys) Once reaching mission and realizing there was no way I was about to get off the bike anytime soon I headed to Harison, did the cruise buy the beach (almost stopped for a cigar, but still got em kicked) then turned around and headed back, intending to stop at the Sasquach Inn for a bite to eat but instead headed up Duffy Lake Rd (once again for the twistys, and watch the gravel on the road if you head that way) Came back down, cut through Mission into Abby, and then booted the #1 back to Coquitlam, only to turn onto my street and have the first raindrops hit my visor ..... WHAT A DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Days like these are what its all about

    Wear the gear PPL

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    Sounds like fun! I was working all day. It was beautiful in Abby and Chilliwack this morning. Sunshine, blue sky, 13-15 degrees. Let me tell ya, I almost drove home and got my bike!
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    Just got back from a little boot tonight. Very warm out and a great little boot!
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    Big Stick
    The weather was rad tonight. A few rain drops but it is so warm out there, even now and its 9:45pm.

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    I got back in at 12:15....very nice night....burned through 2 tanks of gas this evening! So happy to have the R1 back on the road!!!

    ...kinda funny, some dude in a red 'yota pickup pulled up next to me all smiles and thumbs up near 264th in the back roads! rather amusing!!
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    Bryan, looks like we might have some luck for tomorrow too man.
    Give me a pm if you wanna ride or something tomorrow.


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    Big Stick

    im down for a burn tonight

    Sup man. if you wanna burn arround town ill check this arround 9pm, let me know if ur up for it and what time. other wise just look for the green ninja one one wheel on the streets.

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