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Thread: Motogp Jerez Video

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    Motogp Jerez Video

    Don't flame me for this.

    Anyone knows where I can d/l the Jerez motogp? I don't wanna wait till Tuesday morning for Speed Vision.

    I am sure many of us are on the look out for it..

    I was gonna pay for their live coverage.. but too many people are complaining that they get delay, server cramps.. and all that crap. Worst is before you click and watch the race, the already posted the final results on the front page.. what a great way to spoil the race..

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    Hook up!!!

    r6mn usually has the races upped to their servers.

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    Sorry guys, can't post up the links to any videos of MotoGP races here. The admin's been emailed about it before, and asked to remove all links to MotoGP race vids.

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    It waon earlier today on speed...250's at 11 and the big boys at 12

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