Bird Cages/Pet Cages/Hanging Planters For Sale!
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Thread: Bird Cages/Pet Cages/Hanging Planters For Sale!

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    Angel Girl

    Bird Cages/Pet Cages/Hanging Planters For Sale!

    I breed lovebirds and cockatiels, and whenever I get them, they come with a cage, so needless to say, I've got TONS of bird cages for sale for cheap. I've got about 50 birds altogether in my aviary, and many hand-fed babies almost ready to go... lots of fun!

    In my cyber-travels I've come across people using bird cages as plant hangers, seems like a neat idea. Cages can be painted, and designed to suit. I have everything from hamster size cages to parrot cages.

    Or if you have a pet who needs a bigger cage, let me know, we can work a deal. Cages are going for CHEAP!! I need to get rid of them, they're taking over our precious garage space. If you know anyone who might be interested, please pass along my email address to them, I would appreciate that.

    ps. I'm located in Agassiz, British Columbia (near Harrison Hot Springs, willing to drive out to Vancouver area to meet up... for definite sales only.)

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    Angel Girl
    Please buy us...

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    Angel Girl
    and us.......................

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