1997 CBR F3 85XX KM only
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Thread: 1997 CBR F3 85XX KM only

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    1997 CBR F3 85XX KM only

    hello everyone.. im selling a 1997 CBR F3 8597 KM.. this bike has never been into an accident and is mint.. i am the 3rd owner.. well not really since i havent even got on the bike.. so the story behind this beauty is this

    i picked this bike up from my friend because i was planning to ride this summer
    but i have not even got on it =[
    my family wasent very happy with the thought of me getting a bike so this bike has to go.. plus i really thought about it .. i would probely end up dead.. i dont think i got the mentallity to hold back on a bike.. if you know what i mean.. i even planned to go to action motorcycle school but decided to cancel it 2 weeks ago..

    the bike has no problems and was perfectly fine b4 my friend stored her away for the winter
    before the bike was stored all the fluids were changed
    the carbs were cleaned in the summer as well

    the bikes original owner was also my friends friend.. so this bike has been handed down friend to friends..

    someone take her away before i get tempted to get on her lol..

    asking price is 6000$ FIRM

    email me with any questions or if you want to take a look at this bike


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    too pricey?.. any feedback?

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    few interested people


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    going up on buysell


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