Ok guys, Need help big time!
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Thread: Ok guys, Need help big time!

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    Ok guys, Need help big time!

    Ok guys,

    Last time I was here, I had decided on buying the 2003 Ninja 500R but just recently that purchase fell through. Meaning I need a new bike to buy. After searching various places, I found on eBay that someone from Canada had put up a bike to sell (2005 Ninja ZZR6000 - Blue) and the bid was only 1000 CAD with one day left. Since it was only for private sellers, I left a message waited. Later that day, disappointingly, the item was taken off eBay. Today, I received a personal email from the owner stating such:

    -The bike is in excelent condition.
    -Located in Las Vegas,NV
    -Will close this deal only in a secure way through eBay so we both are protected with vehicle purchase protection program(please check that on eBay). I will relist the bike on eBay and you will be able to use the buy now option.
    -The bike are still US registered, the title is clear so you will not have to pay any custom taxes and also won't have any problems registering it in US or Canada.
    -It is in perfect condition both mechanically and cosmetically. No damage whatsoever,no scratches or dents, no hidden defects.
    -Price is $2,800us with shipping and insurance included.
    -Shipping is free with insurance included. The bike will be insured at the delivery service.

    Now, I need to know everything possible about purchasing a bike from across the border. I have no experience with purchasing a vehicle let alone one from the US. What kind of things I should look for and watch out for.

    Anyone who can help or has had personal experience it would be greatly appreciated. Leave me a PM and I can give out my contact information so I can get in touch and discuss with experienced bikers. I'm really really looking for a bike for this summer and this might just be it!

    thanks so much,


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    Lee RideFar Array elevation's Avatar
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    sounds like a scam to me.

    run for the hills!!!!

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    Addicted to speed Array JHinds's Avatar
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    That whole thing sends a shiver up my spine, sounds like a scam.

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    banned user Array adam112's Avatar
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    Get his phone number and talk this out with him on the phone in person. I would not go on email correspondence alone. Get some more photos taken of the bike with some sort of mutually decided upon evidence, such as a picture of the bike with a can of tomato soup on the seat. be careful

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    Don't do it. I know when I was looking for a bike and saw some of these, I was very tempted to save some money. 90% of the time, it's a scam. Even if it isn't, sounds like a lot of headache. I've also imported a bike from US (bought from a dealer there).

    If you want a really good deal on a new beginner bike in the lower mainland, PM me and I'll tell you about a deal that I just got for a friend. Will make you a good recommendation.
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    I have also seen pictures of the bike.. he sent me 3 pictures of the bike, looking like it's in the front yard, very clean condition (as far as I can see).

    2800US converts to about 3200CAD. With free shipping this is an amazing deal. The posted mileage was 6400.

    I have alreayd replied to the email asking for a phone number to discuss certain details of the bike (such as crashes, why he's selling it etc.)

    Thanks for warning me that it might be a scam. However, I would like to know (giving the seller the benefit of the doubt) how I can go about completing this deal without any bumps and how to ensure that I'm not getting a dud.


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    banned user Array adam112's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2heaven
    However, I would like to know (giving the seller the benefit of the doubt) how I can go about completing this deal without any bumps and how to ensure that I'm not getting a dud.

    send him 3200 bucks and see what happens

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    Bohica Array Madman's Avatar
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    STEAL of a deal, eh? How much of a deal is it if you're out $3200 and have no bike?

    Not much of a deal - I like the picture with object idea. Plus bringing it across is not FREE of hassle and some more bucks spent so you need to factor that in.
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    There's already one recent post on here about a guy getting robbed through ebay, I personally don't see the point of going through the risk, etc.. When all is said and done it very well may not be that much of a deal -Meaning it could be a pos, or worse. I've had good experiences buying parts, etc. off of ebay, but imo, quite frankly I wouldn't buy a bike without a test ride. period.
    If you don't know anything about buying a bike, I certainly wouldn't suggest your first experience be something purchased from over the internet, especially with the whole import thing, it's just one other thing to deal with.. BTW, There have been threads on here about bringing bikes in, do a search and check them out and see what people found out..
    i'd say get out and kick some tires, buy local.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Madman
    I like the picture with object idea.
    Umm.. Maybe this person is posting pics of there own motorcycle without plans of actually sending it after receiving the money. Then providing a picture with a decided upon object would be no problem.
    I wouldn't trust Ebay for any vehicle purchases, but its not my money so go for it.

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    Hmmm, so most of you are saying don't even bother? What would be a good test to ask for other than the p"icture with a tomato can on the seat" suggestion. Before completely writing this deal off, I would like to give the seller an opportunity to prove that the bike is real and the sale is real.


    btw, the seller contacted me through a yahoo email address and not eBay if that makes any difference (I do understand that a scammer will find any means necessary to screw the buyer)

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    rain? whats that! Array REVELATIONS's Avatar
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    You can still go "through" ebay and get hosed.

    Western Union, bank drafts, and cash will all render eBays purchase protection schemes worhtless. You NEED to get assurnace that the money can be tracked somehow. Paypal IS one of the best and secure ways of insuring that. Other means include a BANK TO BANK xfer.

    If he insists on any of the former mentioned methods of money xfer, then run, dont walk away.

    You neglected to mention his feedback rating.

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    SCAMMM 100% gaurantee it....dont be a retard

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    maybe there is a reason auction was stopped? sounds like a scam, don't get involved

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    None right now...
    Since you're an admitted newbie, I offer this suggestion: Buy a local bike, that you can go see in person, with a more knowledgeable friend, and do a physical inspection. If there isn't one available this week, wait a week or two. Believe me, there will be more as the weather gets better, and another week or two (or four) won't make a hill of beans of difference.

    You may pay a little more than if you happen across a "hot deal" on eBay, but I suspect you'll end up with a more reliable ride and a much happier transaction if you just buy local. Once you've been riding for a while, and learn more about bikes, sellers, scams, etc. you'll be able to spot these on your own without our help. *Then* you're ready to buy off eBay.
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