Where do I get 06 ZX10R Frame Sliders?
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Thread: Where do I get 06 ZX10R Frame Sliders?

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    Question Where do I get 06 ZX10R Frame Sliders?

    Hey guys I've been banging my head against the wall tryin to get some frame sliders for my new baby (06 ZX10R). Where can I get some because no one seems to have them? Anyone out there know where to get a pair, a good pair? Holla here or at saxon1978@verizon.net

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    I would email major manufacturers like Sato or R&G to see the expected release date for a 2006 ZX10r. Apparently it is completely different from the 04-05 version. Also ping FishAntler here or his ZX10r.org forum to see if he has any updates.

    QUESTION: when will sliders be available for 06' zx-10?
    ANSWER: We are working on solving the problem that the coolant overflow bottle completely bloacks the left side slider. Once resolved, they'll be available in a matter of days.
    QUESTION: Will they fit 06 zx10 and what size bolts do I use.
    ANSWER: No, we are working this week on the new ZX 10 sliders (03/16/06)
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    Saxon, try Baysideperformance.com, you won't find any cheaper place!

    Kevin will hook you up.

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