Need help diagnosing a problem
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Thread: Need help diagnosing a problem

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    Need help diagnosing a problem

    Earlier today riding to college, I did a really small clutch up wheelie and the bike kinda did something funny (not exactly sure what), but since that it has been riding strangely. It feels different, and the bike randomly stalls sometimes in the middle of riding. It kind of feels like the throttle isn't responding like it should and it doesn't quite have the same power. I'm wondering is it maybe a clogged fuel filter? Something to do with the clutch? Cause when I gear down, it sometimes makes different sounding revs that usual, and when I looked under the bike, there was a little bit of grease coming down from where the gear box is. At least I think thats where it glopped out. Umm.. what else... I don't know, everything feels a little off when I'm riding. The sensation I got when it was about to stall felt like the "i'm running out of gas type of situation" where the bike would no longer let me rev past a certain point, and then slowly revved down until it stalled.

    I really have no idea what it is, and I don't really have many people to talk to about it, so I need some opinons of where to start. Or how to diagnose the problem.
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    sounds like you might have debri in the carbs that came loose when you did your wheelie...probably pluged a pilot jet...crack open the little drain screws in the carbs and while they are draining stand the bike straight up and shake the crap out of the bike...hopfully the bike will run good after this...if not you may need to pull the carbs and clean them out.
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