regarding the death of the RCMP Officer in Richmond
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Thread: regarding the death of the RCMP Officer in Richmond

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    regarding the death of the RCMP Officer in Richmond

    I thought you guys might find this interesting..

    Yau Chung Stuart Chan, 19, is charged with criminal negligence causing death, failing to stop at the scene of an accident and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.
    More is

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    Something I posted on another board:

    Well well well.

    Just watched the news and they've released the names of the accused. Chinese of course. They were in court with a Cantonese translator, the escape car was a BMW. After the hearing, the family of one of the accused ran out of the court room and into a black Mercedes.

    That's just dandy.

    Poor English. Check.
    BMW. Check.
    Honda Civic. Check.
    Mercedes (parked illegally at that). Check
    Fendi bag. Check

    All we need now is to find out that they run some kind of human smuggling operation.
    I like the idea mentioned earlier of bringing in a vehicular manslaughter type charge. Canada doesn't have one right? I mean, 10-25 years in jail would be a pretty good incentive to not drive like a maniac.
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    Burn in hell mother f#@#ers...... I hope their cell mates are 300lb gay men...

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    Originally posted by Highlander
    Burn in hell mother f#@#ers...... I hope their cell mates are 300lb gay men...

    With big ass crooked dicks

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    The punishment our courts will hand down will only punish so much , only GOD will decide their true fate. If I were GOD I would think it's time to pay the piper!

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    It is terrible to think that someone could just run away from an accident so serious! Why does it have to be the innocent people that die at the hands of people breaking the law. It would be somewhat justified if the criminal crashed his car into a tree or a pole and just killed himself instead of someone who has no control over this guy's actions! Life is so unfair

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    *shakes head* *sigh* that adds to the stereotyping...that's just not fair...

    So young, so wreckless... proving what? They can go to the slammer fast with nightmares smeared with blood.


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    I never had a problem with street racing until some idiots started taking out civilians and now, an RCMP member.
    I think it's not enough to impound their cars and yank their licences for two years. You don't want to know how harsh a penalty I would hand down if I were a judge in a vehicular manslaughter case.
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