This is just a little review by me for anyone who is thinking "is it worth it to get one of these things?"

To start out I've got a 99 750, Recently installed a full Hindle system, and rode it a bit like that. The hindle cleaned up the power a bit right out of the box... but those little flat-spots from the stock exhaust were still there and the change around 6-8k rpm was still highly noticeable. Riding below 4k rpm?!? Forget it

I installed the PC-II and I got a map from Hunter @ that I uploaded to the PC via my computer... My 1st ride out... DAMN : It didn't even feel like my bike anymore! No matter where i set the needle on the whole rpm range the bike was soooo smooth. The transition from no throttle to wide open was absoulutly flawless. NO flat-spots, no powerband jumps... nothing!
Riding below 4k rpm now... a pleasure!!!
Yes there is a definite horsepower gain, but without a dyno I can't tell exactly what. Seat of the pants you can feel it though and I bounced a few wheelies on the highway to confirm my guess. Up to balance point in a flash (2nd gear) and since the rpm range is smooth till redline it felt like I could have kept it there all day without any real throttle input (gotta shift though and no more room on my little stretch)... not that I really can go forever in the 1st place...
That's not the point though. The point for my bike is to get the best performance, and man oh man did I ever get that result.
The "on-off" throttle from 0-active throttle openings was still there, but it was reduced WAY more than a my TRE mod had done for me.
Bottom line... GET THE DAMN PC!!!!!
It's also cool watching the numbers run up-down on the computer screen as you rev your bike
You can always re-map yourself anytime you add new mods too...

Oh ya... I got it from for $145 US shipped to my door!!!! Check it out they have a few left for various bikes!

PS: for the Windows XP users, download the latest software for the PC from the K&N site (version 2.7 or higher). THe 2.0 version on the CD doesen't work for anything higher than ME edition...