The SpeedoHealer: Truth Serum for your Speedometer
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Thread: The SpeedoHealer: Truth Serum for your Speedometer

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    The SpeedoHealer: Truth Serum for your Speedometer

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    'Tis true. I recently installed a GPS on my K12R and it turns out my speedo is generally 5 to 10kph too optomistic.

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    My Honda car has the most accurate speedometer in a vehicle I've ever owned. 1% off at 100kph.
    (GPS verified)
    Anything that gets a speedo closer to 100% accuracy is a good idea, in my mind.
    Well, for those that don't attach a GPS to everything that moves......

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    I have had mine in for about two weeks and it is great. I have corrected for the speedo error and new gearing and it seems to be bang on. However, there are bikes out there where the speedo and the oddometer are not in sync. If the speedo reads high and the oddometer reads accurate in stock form, what are the legalities of making the speedo accurate but the oddometer reads low?

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