Thanks J.B. and Bertyzfr1
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Thread: Thanks J.B. and Bertyzfr1

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    Thanks J.B. and Bertyzfr1

    Thanks guys, glad to post a vid for everyone to enjoy. Why don't you two just meet up and have some kind of way impressive "stunt off", I'm sure everyone will be REAL impressed. Why don't you two just cool it and read Adam's rant about the quality of conversation on here, it sure has been going down hill lately. I'm sure you guys both have litre size penises, but who the hell cares, if you're gonna be haters, which you both are being, find somewhere else to post.

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    Im confused, what happend?

    westcoast #1

    R.I.P danimal, i will NEVER forget you man. 1982-2005

    Chuck Norris once shot down a German fighter plane with his finger, by yelling,

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    I find this constant whining about the 'quality of conversation' as of late, a total joke. We all talk junk!
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    I wish.
    I find that generally your comments DNA are fairly useless and undermine the authority of anything acting as authority. They're are plenty of users that enjoy this site and I'm tired of dealing with the small group of individuals that don't seem to want to listen.

    So weigh the scale, big group, very happy. Small group, unhappy. Who do we listen to? It seems very clear to me. The masses dictate the direction of this site, and thankfully that doesn't include you.
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