2 1/2 months to renew PAC?!?
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Thread: 2 1/2 months to renew PAC?!?

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    2 1/2 months to renew PAC?!?

    My Possession & Aquisition certificate was up this year. Given that the documentation said that it may take 3 weeks or more for the renewal, I sent that puppy in 6 weeks ahead of the expiration.

    Turns out it took 12 weeks (and 3 phonecalls by me) to finally get the new certificate... nothing was wrong, apparently this is normal. I ended up having to get transfered to the provincial firearms officer to get them to move on it.

    I don't expect much from our government, but that is downright rediculous!

    Just a little warning for other gun owners, better not make any plans once you get around your renewal date, just keep everything locked up for a while...

    Or tax dollars hard at work I guess.

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    some people are complaining of a lot longer waits.

    the system is screwed. cgn has all the up to date stupidity

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