Track/Race Bike vs. Street Bike
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Thread: Track/Race Bike vs. Street Bike

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    Track/Race Bike vs. Street Bike


    I've been hovering around in the FS thread and noticed a lot of Track/Race bikes for sale. They are quite a deal cheaper than the regular street bikes and I was wondering why. I am still looking for a cheap 1990s older bike, and was wondering if a cheaper track bike might work as well. I have a feeling that it's not recommended I buy one, but I'd like to know why. Thanks,

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    I believe the reason they are cheaper is that they have no VIN numbers. And if this is the case then you will not be able to register it or insure it. I do believe there is a way to do it thought, by applying to the BC government and asking them to assign a VIN number to it. I doubt this will work though. My advice is to look in the buy and sell or talk to a dealer that has used bikes

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    That's a misconception that I wish wasn't so common. Most race bikes DO have VIN's. The difference is many of the non-insurable ones that you see are write offs. There's two kinds of write offs in BC in regards to titles. There are those that can be fixed up with street legal equipment and put back on the road and there are those that have a dismantle only title and that means they're not allowed back on the road ever unless you try the U-built route.

    Others are bikes with insurable titles but no street equipment left at all. This happens a lot as converting street bikes is a popular choice for new racers. These can be great buys, especially when they've been well looked after and still have the street parts.

    I'd say that they can be a good buy, BUT, that's assuming that you can take care of the requirments to make it street legal, and they have paperwork for a street title or sufficient paperwork to get one. Generally they come with some nice add ons but don't always make great street bikes with the suspension, cosmetics, and gearing that usually comes with them. Every bike is different and you should get the bikes your serious about checked over.

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    If you look here's two more threads on this. Good old pete got some good details down in the other thread.
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