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    So is there a difference between a 10w40 bike oil and a 10w40 car oil? I seen another thread about synthetic oils, but is oil for dirt different?
    I have an 03 Yami YZ250F and since theres relatively no difference between brand X and brand Y car oils (assuming both are synthetic or of equal make) is the same true for bikes?
    Judging by the graphs in that other topic, Ill just pick up some castrol or some Mobile 1.
    Also what is 4R oil? What does that mean?


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    Some 'car oil' can have friction enhancers blended with it sometimes called 'energy saving' oil which is not good to run in bikes that have oiling systems that share the engine and transmission oil.

    I am not 100% familiar with your YZ, but I think there is a separate oiling system for the engine and separate oiling for the transmission. This allows for much better engine life as the worn clutch material isn't circulating through your engine, and better clutch/transmission life with parts that last longer with the proper oil.

    With that being said, you could use the 'car oil' in the engine side, but NOT in the transmission side for the obvious reason that the extra-slippery friction modifiers will make your clutch pack extra-slippery and may burn up and require replacement much sooner.

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