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Thread: Kawasaki?

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    So why do people think Kawasaki is junk? Seriously, are there that many quality problems or do they not last as long (in km) as other Japanese bikes?
    Do riders of Kawasakies find themselves constantly repairing or tightning items on them? If you want to know why I'm asking is that i'm thinking of the z750s as the next bike.
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    Cause they're jealous.

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    It's more for fun. I don't think there's really any serious problems overall with Kawasaki.
    It's just kinda fun to beat up on someone because of the bike they ride.
    Kawi=junk forever!!
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    Kawasaki bikes a year or so ago developed cracks in the frame, most likely from "poor manufacturing". I don't recall if Kawasaki did anything to remedy the situation. Since then it's been dubbed and been popularized by a few people from this site and few other bike sites that "KAWI=JUNK".

    Also it has to do with brand loyalty. Some people love honda, some kawis, some yamis, thus the verbal wars go on and on and on and on........
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    well, i know that based on kawasaki history, before 1990, kawasaki was the higher end of the japanese sportbikes but from 1990-2003, they became the cheap "crappy" end. The new ones now are just as good if not better than the other japanese brands though.

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    They got a bad rap years ago.
    Anyone whos owned one has loved them.
    IMO they are as good now as any of the other big manufacturers.

    But ya it is good fun.

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    for the most part it's a BCSB joke. there are a bunch of threads on this question.
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    lol, this post make me laugh. Kawi's get teased on our local forum too:


    22 pages of "Green Sucks" wars.

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    the lime green color doenst help much either...

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    go ahaed buy a kawi but what ever you do dont buy a suzuki

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    I had a 1998 ZX6r and loved that bike, I never had any problems with it.

    ...just waiting for purevil to reply to this thread...
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    all i can say is ive owned a few kawis a 3 kxs a zx10(the origanal one back in the 80s)a zx9r... zx11 and my current ride a zx12r ive always had good luck with them and i have always dealt with bby kawi been dealing there since i was a four year old kid and my old man took me in there all i can say is the quality of the bikes and service ive gotten there have always been top rate...Wish I could say the same about the few hondas and yamahas ive owned...the only machines that I will buy will be either kawi or suzukis owned em both love em both
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    I used to work at a dealership.. so I could have bought any type a bike for cheap.. but after talking to the mechanics… I was convinced to go with a Kawi… They told that over the years Kawi has had the least engine problems.. Also they looked good.

    However every brand has had some sort of problems in the past..

    I suggest that you buy a bike that you are attracted to because in the end that what will matter since in reality they all perform the same..

    Good luck…

    Kawi lor life..

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    Read my sig. Courtesy of PUREVIL when I asked the same question
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