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    fuel injection

    Hey guys, I got my cbr running finally had a clogged fuel injector and bad plugs, although, the bike isn't running quite right. I cannot get a high rpm out of the bike, and after a few minutes of idling the bike will stall, so I pulled the plugs and noticed that the ones I got from honda, are a different part number so I don't know if that is causing the problem or not? Also I am having a hard time getting the idle to change on the bike don't know why? But me real concern is today when taking a part the bike I found oil in the air box. Not a lot just some oil, I was wondering what could be causing this. It lookis like it is coming back up through the throttle body, could it be that the bike has been cranked a lot and wouldn't start. There is no oil coming from exhaust and the bike is running on all 4 cylinders. ????????

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    Oil could be from the crankcase breather. Vents to the airbox so any oil blow by is burnt in the engine instead of misting out into the atmosphere.

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    oil tank overfilled?

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