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    need some guidance here

    jsut wanna know what all you guys think bout changing front fork springs to stiffer ones but not change the rear shocks. a guy at the shop where my bike is sittin right now suggested i change my front springs to stiffer. but wont that change cause my bike to maybe understeer a little or would it be ok?

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    If its for the RR you should have preload adjusters on the forks....just wind them in....unless you weigh 200 plus pounds or are taking it to the track stock is more than most street riders will ever need...
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    No problem with just doing the front springs. The rear spring on those Hondas is actually not too bad but I found that the fork springs felt like they came out of old ball point pens. They are just way too soft to balance even with the stock rear springs. Even with full preload the proper sag could not be set for a rider of over about 160 lbs. Doing this will certainly help but they are still the wrong spring rate for most riders of medium or heavier weight.

    Do the questionaire at and get the springs they recomend for your style of riding. And I warn you. The ones for the race spec are quite stiff. Probably more still than you want for the street. So stick to the sporty riding level.
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