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    bike engine info

    where can i get info on what engine family a specific engine is from and what other bikes use that same block or a variation of that block. ive got a 1982
    IT175 and want to know if other motors will work in the frame. my engine is hurtin real bad.

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    there would be a lot more to it than just dropping the engine in.

    from what i can recall of the old yamaha dual sport/enduro/dirt bikes, some of them were pre mix, while some were injection. my 1979 mx 175 was injection.

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    The big problem will be the age of the bike. FInding a decent engine from an 82 vintage bike ain't gonna be easy. I think that if I was looking at a new mill I'd be tape measuring some newer engines with an eye to a transplant.

    Or just ebay the parts that are still working and get a newer bike?
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    could be harder than you think....if i remember right that bike had the swingarm pivot bolt go through the back of the engine....that would make tranplanting anything else into it difficult but not immpossible...if it was for me i would look at putting in a xr 200 would pull the bike along nicely and the IT suspension would be an improvment
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    There is a Chinese company called Lifan that builts copy-cat XR200 engines. Apparently they bought the plans, dies, etc. from honda and the engines are interchangeable with honda parts. I think they sell for $750 cdn or so? There's at least two retailers in Vancouver you can find with an internet search.

    Personally I suspect the bike won't be worth the cost or trouble unless you can find something really cheap. Probably better off to look for a new bike.

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