powder coating vs. painting rims
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Thread: powder coating vs. painting rims

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    powder coating vs. painting rims

    I was told that power coating is better in terms of the thickness and durability of the surface. It seems like that it's not as easy to strip or strach the coating compare to paint. Please give tell me your experiences

    I am looking forward to getting my Ducati 748 rims red. It's the red that goes with 02 748 Titanium Grey special edition color. I think it's probably the same red as other red rims that goes with Fila or Monster special edition, too. Does anyone know which power coating shop can do this job? How much does it cost?

    I already know some painter who can paint my rims red but I just want to ask third opinions about power coating thanks guys

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    I've hear of people getting their rims powder coated, but I was told by a wheel repair shop that powder coating is too brittle for a flexable wheel. I had mine repainted after a shop scratched the lip. My personal preference would be painting, easy to fix, cheap, easy to look after... vs podwer coating. which i have never really had to deal with

    my .02


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    Podewr coating is way more durable, I have had a bunch of the parts on my 1972 Landcruiser powder coated. After I had to repaint the parts every year I found it to be much more economical to poder coat than repaint

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    Good quality powder coating is far more durable. Hey, can you get your rims anodised instead? The only advantages of paint are that you do not have to remove your bearings, you can get more colours (metallics and so on) and you get a (temporarily) nicer looking finish.

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    Powder Coating is thick and Brittle.. Magic in the Process is the Electrostatic attraction that gets the Paint everywhere... nice even coating everwhere.
    However, most any decently Sprayed on finish is simply more attractive and If willing to have it done in Dupont Imron Epoxy paint, Much more durable than Powder coat finish

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