Why Dont People Now How To Drive In Vancouver?
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Thread: Why Dont People Now How To Drive In Vancouver?

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    Why Dont People Now How To Drive In Vancouver?

    Why dont people now how to drive in vancouver? is it the
    lack of Snow?, Or the lack of good Weather?

    Fri April 14, 2006 I was riding on Capillano Rd. In North
    Vancouver, Doing speed limit. and as im riding, there was a
    car pulled over onto the sidewalk parked illegally with no
    blinkers, and as i got closer with out signal or warning the driver
    pulled onto the road and cut me off, and i ended up smashing
    into the corner of her left rear End, i flew into her trunk
    head first. Thank God I Had All My Gear Except Pants.
    My helmet was smashed in the front, my jacket had just
    a couple of scratches, and my gloves were torn.
    And while im screaming in pain, rolling on the pavement,
    the lady gets out of her car taking her time, still on her
    cell phone! I was in shock. I almost broke my neck, and the lady
    did not seem to even notice. And to the people that did stop and
    help out, Thanks. The firemen were great!, Super Fast Response,
    thank you guys.

    How do people pass there Drivers Test???? $$$$ i dont get it?
    And the lady never got a TICKET!

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    rain? whats that! Array REVELATIONS's Avatar
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    Welcome to Hongcouver, I know your pain. I rode in richmond....once. It almost cost me a leg.

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    Monkey biker
    i was @ capliano road riding today too, and a car pass me on the right and then cut me off in a single lane traffic.....

    drivers this days...

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    Sorry to hear what happened, her behaviour would have pissed me off majorly. Glad you're ok.
    I hope you have names of witnesses.
    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

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    Je ne suis pas Francais Array nutcracker's Avatar
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    none at the moment
    sue her ass to the ground
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    I'd rather be scared to death than bored to death.

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    im asian, and i'll be the first one to say that riding in richmond scares me
    they just dont bother looking at where they go

    besides...shoulder check and you might miss a second of that phone conversation...

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    rain? whats that! Array REVELATIONS's Avatar
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    btw people like her need to meet the front end of a semi as per your case b4 they hang up their f&^%$ng phones

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    no pain no gain! Array
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    The one that don't see you is bad enough,but i f$^&ing hate the driver that think they can keep up with bike then box you in.

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    after the hit, i remembered that there was a car behind me, so i tryed to
    get up and get out of the way, but i stood up and fell back down in pain,
    and when i tryed to see my bike, it was like 15 or 20 feet away. i dont recal
    how but it was, i was just trying to get out of being pancaked in between two cars. thank god the car behind me was an old man doing 30!!

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    People are such fucking morons. No one can figure out how to merge anymore, they drift into your lane turning from Denman onto Georgia to go over the bridge, the list goes on. Cap road is usually one of the less worrisome segments of my trips out of and back into the North Shore.

    Good to hear you're ok.
    "Working on a motorcycle, working well, caring, is to become part of a process, to achieve an inner peace of mind. The motorcycle is primarily a mental phenomenon."

    - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert M. Pirsig

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    mike was taken Array
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    besides all the stuff about not looking, knowing how to drive, or pushing to try and be first what really scares me is that know one seems to really act like when they drive they can very easily kill themselves or quite a few other people.
    Most people wouldn't go up and punch a stranger in the face for no reason, but they seem perfectly fine putting their and other's lives in danger by not focussing on driving 100%.

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    Time to Ride... Array J Ho's Avatar
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    Glad to hear you're ok, milk her pockets!

    yea... its bad out there!
    today I was driving home on Lougheed in the right lane in front of Boston Pizza/Cactus and this guy pulls out of there onto the road infront of me onto the shoulder where it wasn't even a lane, I gave him some space because I thought he was going to come in but he didn't, so I goto pass him and he starts drifting into my lane! no signal or anything! bastard made me swerve into the left lane! (good thing there werne't any cars coming in that lane) sometimes I hate them chinese drivers! n no offence to chinese ppl, cuz I'm chinese but just some bad drivers out there!

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    I hate riding into Vancouver because it seems like I cross this invisible line after the Oak St bridge and I'm suddenly in the-land-of-the-silver-Mercedes-that's-apparently-trying-to-kill-me. I don't know if a louder horn would help. Getting these drivers to look much further than the hood of their car is a real challenge. And mirrors? Aren't they for checking your make-up and/or hair?

    I'm originally from Montreal where everyone drives way too fast but at least they know HOW to drive. I can't understand how so many drivers in the Lower Mainland don't seem to possess even rudimentary driving skills. Could someone please explain how these drivers get licences?
    Ask not for whom the bone bones, it bones for thee

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    Glad your OK ....I was at the movies last week ...came out after the movie ..the side of my car was side swipped !! Hit and run ....thankfully some teenagers seen the accident ..reported to guest services.. 3 witness and the plate number ....funny it was an asian lady !! I see a patern !! well she is getting a ticket ...not sure how much .. as long as Vancouver continues to grow it will only get worse and we will continue to pay the high insurance ....

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    Thanks guys, i feel great, but again i think its the drugs!
    My hip just gets bigger and bigger, i might have to name it.
    I to realized that the worste drivers, tend to drive the bigger
    SUV's, Cause they now they will crash, and they will servive!,
    and who care's about the other driver. But in North Van, its not
    the asians, its 90 percent persians, Sorry to all my persain friends
    i love you all and no offence ment, but they drive with the cell, eat
    and pick up who ever, whenever on lonesdale, and nothing else matters,
    its like there is no others on the rode. And older folks, Dont now were they
    come from, but are always on lonesdale driving 5km hour. Im Just Angry Cause I cant do anyting this weekend, cause somebody forgot to check
    there mirror.

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