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    Insurance question

    With forestry roads requiring $200000 in coverage is this covered if you have 3000000 or do you have to insure your bike separately?

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    Um... 3,000,000 is greater than 200,000, so yeah, you're covered. 15 times over.
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    oops. poor wording.
    i have no coverage on my bike, but i have 3 million on my car. does the liability from my car apply to my bike for forestry road use?

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    Blitz Wing
    I don't know how forestry roads comes into play, but dude......Car Insurance is for your Car......Motorcycle Insurance is for your Motorcycle. Car Insurance will not cover your motorcycle.

    Talk to your broker, or whoever sell you your insurance for clarification, that's what they're there for.

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    you are also covered by your car insurance if for example you go to hawaii and are hit by an uninsured driver. i think its called 3rd party liability. i was wondering if that applied in this case.

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    thats something totally diffrent. It is Underinsured Motorist protection. it covers you if your walking or on a peddle bike. But not on a motorbike. Just get motorcycle insurance

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