Help!Strange idling and low rpm hesitation
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Thread: Help!Strange idling and low rpm hesitation

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    Help!Strange idling and low rpm hesitation

    98 Kawi zx7r
    Like topic says, i'm having strange idling and low rpm hesitation.
    I changed the plugs a few weeks ago and it ran perfect for that whole day, then the problem returned.
    The carbs were serviced last year along with new plug wires, since then the bike has only seen about 1500kms and 1 winter storage.
    Its out of storage and runs like crap, low rpm hesitation and idling eratically(but only wavering a little, a couple hundred rpms or so) In high rpm it runs excellent, anything below 4500 rpm and it sounds like the engine is bogging or missing.
    My first instinct is to play with the air/fuel mixture since it may be running a little rich, whereabouts on the carb is it? (sorry no manual anywhere to be found)
    -the bike was stored inside and full of gas all winter, i have run about 4 tanks of fuel through the bike already and the problem is still there.

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    have you looked at ?

    has it been properly stored all winter? fuel stabilizers..drained carbs...etc?
    if the carbs were serviced LAST year..and they weren't drained.....not good...

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