Help me find Pug/Boston Terrier Bug Breeders in the Lowermainland?
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Thread: Help me find Pug/Boston Terrier Bug Breeders in the Lowermainland?

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    Help me find Pug/Boston Terrier Bug Breeders in the Lowermainland?

    Can you guys help me find a bug breeder in the lowermainland? Having a hard time finding any reputiable breeders who cross pugs and boston terriers. All i see is adds in the buy and sell, and i would never buy a dog out of there

    Anyways if anyone can post up some info or a link to some breeders website that would much appericated

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    Most reputable breeders do not cross breed distinct breeds. You don't see any of them at the CKC dog shows (not that those people are all reputable). People doing cross breeding of purebred dogs are only in it for the trendy money, and basically they are producing MUTTS. You can find lots of those at the SPCA and other adoption agencies. I can't believe that people would spend hundreds, and sometimes a thousand $ or more on a dog like a Labradoodle, etc., which is a mutt with a fancy name.
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    The best is the people who actually think their dog is a purebred. "Oh ya like I paid $600 for him and he's a labradoodle. The breeder told me he's purebred so like ya."

    I also think breeding two such dogs takes their worst traits and creates a vet's nightmare. Brachycephalic breeds are already challenged enough. Many of theses dogs have dental problems due to conformation, eyes disorders, skin conditions and less commonly heart disease.
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    It's all in a name...

    People who breed 'designer' dogs (also known as crossbreds, mongrels, hybrids, mutts) - do it for the money. Plain and simple.

    Cutesy, catchy names are coined as marketing tools for a generic 'product' that can be had in any SPCA and animal shelter for a fraction of the cost.

    Really.... A Bug ($800) has way more appeal to a potential puppy buyer than a Boston Terrier X or Pug mix ($250).
    A Labradoodle or "insert breed here"doodle ($600-1200) holds much more status in suburbia than a Lab X ($200).
    You get the idea...
    Hell, why not take it one step further: breed a Pug X Boston to a 'doodle'; sell puppies as 'Doodle-bugs'

    Crossing a pug with a boston....I dunno.... Both breeds known as high-risk breeding animals with up to 50% c-section births (avg. $1000 if scheduled non-emergency), not to mention the risk of loss to mother and/or babies during this procedure... Any truly good (read:knowledgeable-ethical-responsible) breeder of brachycephalics would say that logistics indicate too much potential risk to the mother and pups, simply to produce 'trendy' crossbreds.
    And as Libby says, "Brachycephalic breeds are already challenged enough".

    One has to wonder sometimes, why laypeople feel a need to mess with unknown genetic qualities/quantities...when our shelters are full of hopeful faces, waiting for that second chance.

    I'm not knocking cross-bred dogs nor your desire to own one....I love ALL dogs and owned crossbreds as well as purebreds during my life. Again, I wonder why people would choose to breed their pet just to make puppies for sale, when there are so many homeless pets already....some cast off simply because the designer label no longer fits, or has fallen out of style.

    Regardless - I hope you find a GREAT puppy to share your life
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    The groomer at Petland Superstore 194 st/Fraser in Surrey had a big litter not too long ago, you can try calling them and finding out.

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    I was reading a few weeks ago about bostons and one site said that sometimes they have to cross a boston with a bulldog to keep something proper in the mix. :S I dont get why they would do that, maybe someone here can explain it to me, I'm interested in getting another boston as well.

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    Wow there are some really knowledgeable folks here. I agree that all these flavour of the day bastard breeds are probably a less than desirable way to go. Purebreds have been developed over a long period of time and selected for their best features. To randomly mix breeds could as someone else said select all the wrong features. When you've got a dog as cute and enjoyable as a Pug, why mess with it to get something with a quasi-designer-label?

    Go to any of the dog shows held here in the Lower Mainland and look at dogs, talk to breeders, pat, observe and you will probably fall in love with 10 different breeds. Have you looked at a French Bulldog? or a Bichon Frise or a Lhasa Ahpso, or a minature Schnauzer, or a small Poodle (no shedding & intelligent), or a Dandie Dinmont Terrier? There are so many really cool dogs why mess with a roll of the dice?

    Hope you find something that you will really love.

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