R6 signal light problem
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Thread: R6 signal light problem

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    R6 signal light problem

    I got a 2002 R6 over the winter, and haven't taken it out yet this spring, and I'm having a problem with my signal lights. At first the left one worked and the right one didn't, and now neither of them works. Also, my battery went dead although I have been charging it all winter. I was thinking maybe I have a short circuit in my signal light wiring somewhere? Somebody else told me it might have something to do with condensation inside the signal light itself, especially since the bike has aftermarket flushmount signal lights. Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas where to start?

    Thanks, Julian

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    Moisture and corrosion in the flush mounts may well have caused the lights to stop working. Start by checking the fuse and if it's blown try another. IF that one blows too then it's likely that the corrosion in the lights has caused a short. If the fuse is good and the lights just don't work then it's possible that the corrosion got between the metal bits and is preventing the power from flowing.

    If you have the skills to remove the fairings and get at the lights and have a voltmeter and know how to use it then you can take it all apart and figure it out from there. Otherwise just check the fuse and if that's good then take it in.

    What about other stuff on the bike? DO they light up OK? If it's all dark then you may just have a dead battery.
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    i've had the same problem on an older gsx-r. There's a little box (size of 1/2 a pager) that is connected to the signals. This litlle box (sorry, but i know know the technical name of it), is responsible for the turn signals repetition and of on/off. If this box is not working, your signals either don't blink (stay lighted) or just don't turn on @ all. The part itself is relatively cheap when i bought it (i think 30 bucks), u might wanna check that if the fuse's all check out and wiring is okay. Could be just that "little box" that's busted.

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    Thanks guys. The fuse is OK, and everything else was fine when the battery was charged. So, I think I will pull the fairing off and go in for a closer look. Thanks again.


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