funeral etiquetes and other interstellar shit!
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Thread: funeral etiquetes and other interstellar shit!

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole

    funeral etiquetes and other interstellar shit!

    I figured i'd post this cuz i got a fucking finger itch and i didnt want to ruin that other thread about the song choices etc....
    Ppl hate funerals because they dont want to be there, they dont want to wear suits, they dont want to bring their kids along, it makes them miss work, etc etc. It doesnt mean that they are bad people, they just have other things to do, and yes there are tons of better things to do than going to a funeral. For instance go out with his buddies to the hang out and drink some brews and talk about the good times, real shit.

    In my opinion a funeral isnt to grieve, its a predictable social event that furthers people apart even more- to explain that: You see someone u havent seen in years and its great to see them so u make the effort to maybe exchange # or email which is pointless because its a formality, the truth is that both of you have other things going on in your lives so you dont really have time to "Hang out" like you used to. So the "i'll call you" means. I'll see you when i bump into you at the local grind house or when someone else dies/marries that we both know. Now thats fucking sad!

    Greiveing is done on ones own time, yah there is crying and shit going at the function, it is always done by the parents anyway. I'm not saying that u shouldnt have funerals, i'm saying that a funeral should be a send off and by a send off i dont mean to play Elton Johns Lion king soundtrack. I'm talking about some fucking good time music, something that wont make ppl cry because they are sad, rather make em cry out of joy and make em remember the good times.
    Another point,all the ppl who just stand there while the priest is doing his thing are all thinking the same fucking shit. "shit, why is this taking so fucking long, and whats with the shitty song, he'd never pick this shit if he had the choice. I'm hungry".

    1. A funeral is to talk to your ex that dumped on you and was banging the deceased, which you are still bitter about, so youre not sure if you should be happy or sad. Of course your sad but you feel guilty for thinking that you should be happy.

    2. A funeral is to get your money back from your friend that u havnt seen in a year, who thinks he can avoid you by being at the very back and be the first one to split.

    3. A funeral is to see your family members that you fucking hate and wouldnt under any other circumstance go and see.

    4. A funeral is to feel uncomfortable and awkward like everyone else.

    Discuss bitches!
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    Attending a funeral is all about RESPECT.

    Saturin's post is disrespectful to all those who have lost friends and loved ones.

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    What is there to discuss? You are one ignorant prick who is trying too hard to get attention and is failing at being funny.
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    I sort of disagree. Although I do agree that a funeral is about respect it's also a time to look back on a person who had some part of your life and celebrate their life. Jokes aside it should be a celebration not a wake, I'm all for happy music that the deceased would have loved as opposed to drab feel bad songs that do nothing but bring you down.

    Remember the good times, forget the bad ones and be glad you had a chance to get to know someone who's no longer around. Funerals are never easy but I don't really understand why they have to be such a downer, we all die eventually when I go I hope people are getting smashed and having a great time talking about all the stupid shit I did that made them laugh.

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    In my personal view, funerals shouldnt be about greiveing the death, more so celebrating the life. I agree that seeing family that you hate sucks.

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    I don't completely disagree with Saturnin.
    When my mother passed away a few years ago, the church was filled with a bunch of people I could just as soon never see again and not be sad.
    This doesn't mean I disrespected my mother. Near the end of the reception, I was getting so claustrophobic with all the people around me that if I hadn't had good friends like my buddy Ken, Darryl (Desperado) and my girlfriend, I probably would have lost it and headed straight for the hills. They saw what was starting to happen and interceded, keeping the weirdos away from me.
    So like I said, funerals suck, and they are about respect for the deceased, but that doesn't mean you have to enjoy being there, or like being around all those people you never talk to.
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    I don't know how much Sat's just stirrin' the pot or is actually serious.

    There are plenty of cultures, however, where it's more normal to celebrate the life of a loved one at their funeral rather than mourn their death.
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    Saturnin, u are one sick fuck, it's called respect, for the ones who had someone close to them die.

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    Spiderider is the only one that sees past Saturnin's rep and into what he's saying.

    Many people here live in falsehoods. Mindless sheep doing what society deems acceptable. These are the pale deaths which men miscall their lives.

    Funerals aren't fashionable. They aren't a time to bump into people. I mourn people far before and after a funeral. It's simply a Homo Erectus ritual forced out of the need to ward off animals from corpses. It's a finality ritual.

    I hear what he's saying. Most here won't. It's really hard to put it into words. He did his best.

    If you don't know my phone number, don't show up at my funeral.

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    A longtime friend is being buried today in Calgary.
    It hurts that I can't be there to attend her funeral.

    I wanted to gather with those who knew and loved her...
    to honor and pay tribute to our friend
    to celebrate her life
    to thank a higher power, for freeing her from pain and suffering
    and through my tears, to say goodbye...

    RIP Joanne Cassidy, you will be missed
    RIP Julia, our shining light

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    i don't understand the point here. it's like any cultural custom- we may not get why we do it but it should just be done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpideRider
    When my mother passed away a few years ago, the church was filled with a bunch of people I could just as soon never see again and not be sad.
    i had the exact same thing happen with my mother's funeral 2 years ago. the place runneth over with people i simply did not know (childhood or school friends of mom or dad's), or had not seen in 20+ years. my sisters' friends, who had never even been to the house showed up. neighbours that i hadn't seen since public or high school were there. people my dad worked with (and for a small part myself too) for years showed up. my mom's sister even brought her friends, and i don't ever remember them being around. the only ones that really mattered to me were my immediate family and the extended family friends. the rest made it feel like a school reunion with all the questions about what i was doing and how things were on the west coast. i am thankful they cared for my mother in a community way, and had the respect to take the time to come to the funeral, a visitation, or drop by the house, but i wanted to deal with losing my mom, and nothing else. to this day i am still pretty much in a daze about it.

    sat, in his unabashed way, has it pretty down pat. i had #3 and #4, and "i'll call you" happen with the real red headed step child of the family (you'd think it was me, but nope, sorry, there's worse!). he had the nerve to see if i wanted to go bar hopping and see strippers because he is in the throes of a divorce and wanting to play bachelor again. i had much rather spend the time with my youngest aunt, who always called me her littlest brother because of our small age difference, and my cousin who is going thru pretty much the same as what my mother did.

    most of all, i wanted to spend one last moment with mom.

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    well, here goes

    I prefer a Celebration of Life, versus a traditional funeral. They are more uplifting and celebratory that a funeral.

    As far as what not to do, please dress as nice as you can. I have heard a cell phone and pager go off at a funeral. I have seen someone sit in the row with a 32 ounce 7-11 coffee mug and drink coffee during a service.

    Sat, not a bad topic, however your delivery is once again from another planet.

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    My dad's funeral was a non-denominational service that was very uplifting. It's messages were postitive and people left with smiles on their faces. My Grandmothers funeral was full of senseless Biblical quotes that had nothing to do with my Grandmother or her life. I was so pissed off at the priest who seemed to think that these quotes would be meaningful somehow. Frankly, I don't care who begat whom and who smote whomever and how it made God happy. It's when we forget why we've all come together, to remember our loved one, that I start to question the value of this old tradition.
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    I think a funeral with no one at it is pretty sad.

    It shows the family of the deceased how cared about the deceased was. I hope when I die my family feels suppported by my friends and realizes how many lives were effected by what I did.

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