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    okay, i know, support local dealers - which i do gladly for the most part. I just ordered a few parts from bby kawasaki (Great guys..their service is really top notch).

    Anyways, I ordered a brake lever, clutch lever, both push and pull throttle cables, clutch cable and fork seals for $116 including tax and shipping. Pretty good price I think...

    ANYWAYS, so i ordered from them on the 11th...and they told me that 2 items had to be cross shipped and one item was out of stock at the manufacturer! I was like..FUCK!! I GOT RIPPED OFF but what can i do now? So i emailed them and asked them to cancel the order the item that was out of stock if they couldnt get it and they said that it just came things started to look up.

    Then, they shipped all my items except the one that was out of stock to me. The items arrived in ONE DAY (Shipped on 17th, arrived on 18th). And then they shipped my other item the next day (shipped on 19th, arrived on 20th). No extra shipping charges.

    The shipping was very fast. I'd have to say that bikebandit is now a + in my book.

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    Definitely. Most of the parts for my bike are long gone from any Yamaha dealer's shelves, and Bikebandit's been a HUGE help.

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    Yeah those bikebandit guys are good, but for me, for older bikes, these guys have been even better for NEW parts online!

    Cycle-Re-Cycle Part II

    Cycle-Re-Cycle Part II specializes in late 60's to early 90's bikes. If you have a 250cc or larger Japanese street bike from this era, this catalog is where you want to be!

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    Ya I've used them .. kinna handy when in a pinch to

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