Copying MP3 songs onto CD
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Thread: Copying MP3 songs onto CD

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    Copying MP3 songs onto CD

    Was looking at getting a JVC MP3 player, its a car deck. Beamriders sells it for $300 installed. Right now I have a CD player, so I have to decode my mp3 songs to wav format to copy on a CD. How do I copy my MP3 songs directly on to a CD. Do I need a special program to do this.

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    just like burning a regular CD, instead of using burn audio CD, you are burning data CD.

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    I use Nero for all my burning....If you want a copy, PM me.


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    Do you have a burner?,usually they will come with some basic burning software.I picked up a LG 24x,10x,40x recently and it came with a basic Roxio burning program and I can burn mp3 and cd-a(wav) formats.
    I did have Nero 5 installed,but could not get it to work properly.

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    Having an mp3 player in the vehicle is really nice. When I put in my JVC last year (this was before the bike was on the road and I actually drove my truck ) I could not get over how convenient it was to have 150 songs on a CD instead of under 20. And if you download smaller size songs (I always try and get 320 bitrate only so they take up more space) you can almost double that!

    The sounds quality is good too, I say go for it. If you do go through Beamriders, I would suggest going to Langley and asking for Pete. If you talk gaming with him (MOHAA, American Army, etc) and mention you know me, he may be able to sweeten the deal.

    And burning the CD is easy, depending on what OS and burning program you use. Like Ah 9 said, you just select DATA disk and go from there.

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    I use Ez CD creator platinum great

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