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    Litre Chick

    more posts in this forum

    Hey all you chicks out there, we really don't post enough in this forum. We really need some more juicy topics

    Lets see there has to be lots to gab about, Anyone planning on heading down to Seattle for the bike show? Maybe we could do an all girls trip? a little shopping, a little lunch

    What do you think?

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    Juicy topics, hmmm?

    I'm sure I can come up with a bunch!

    I noticed the activity is slowing down in this forum. Now that the riding season is also coming to a close, we need to find new ways to keep interest up.

    Keep your eyes peeled....
    BCSB - Moderator

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    shopping shopping.....but i am broke!!! X(

    btw, peach, nice meeting you today!

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    Shopping? Sounds like a plan!!!

    yeah we should def. post more in here...
    hmmm I'll think about a good one

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