Pimp new Aprilia to out race any Harley
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Thread: Pimp new Aprilia to out race any Harley

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    Pimp new Aprilia to out race any Harley

    It's an electric assist bike from Aprilia... I saw this at JV Bikes on Richards... Looked pretty sweet.. Of course I'm kinda biased towards anything from Aprilia...

    The owner was kind enough to let me do a little test ride around his store and the bike was quite fun to ride, but it could use some changes here and there... Main thing being that the electric assist cuts off at 25KM/h (Well some say 27... I had no speedo). Oh... and it cuts of abruptly, so it would so suck going up hill at speed.

    The owner said he was plainning to tinker with it... Maybe add a throttle or something... Hope that works out well

    Oh The price tag said $1200

    I don't know... I'm thinking about getting one... Actually, there's only one there and probably not many around...

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