Best Riding Gear?
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Thread: Best Riding Gear?

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    Best Riding Gear?

    Im very new to this, Just woundering what is the best of the best gear and recommended? I've looked in to Vanson and Joe Rocket, Any other suggested brands?
    And where i can find them in the lower mainland


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    According to experts the best riding gear is the gear you'll wear. So whatever you end up getting make sure it's comfortable.

    You'll find lots of opinions here as to what's good. In general leather is better than textile. Some offer CE approved armour, which may be better than high density foam. Vanson is rated as one of the top brands, Joe Rocket seems to offer a wide range of pricing. You'll find lots of differing opinions on the quality of Joe Rocket gear.

    Visit as many bike stores as you can a try on different gear. That's the best way for you to find out what's better for you.

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    Test on MCN

    I have a AGV 2 piece suit.
    On this link you can read the results of a test between AGV, Alpinestars, Arlen Ness, Spidi, Spyke and Teknic suits.
    Good luck.
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    Gf and I wear either Joe Rocket or Teknic leather jackets. We have Alpinestars leather track pants. All of which are good.

    Once you get into Vanson,Spidi,Dianese...there is a considerable price jump. You get what you pay for. If yer just planning street riding, any of the above mentioned will do fine....(alpinestars, icon, teknic, joe rocket etc...)

    Just pick what fits you and what you feel comfortable in. Hey, its your skin right?

    Any lower mainland shop will carry these brands....RMS, Carter, Pacific Yam, 5th Gear. Check em out and shop around.

    My 2c

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    Greatley appreciated guys
    More input would be great.

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    I have a Teknic jacket, Shoei lid, and Shift gloves. As said above, it just comes down to what you like in terms of style and fit, and obviously price range.
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    what's ur budget..
    10000 dollar gear doesn't necessary mean it'llwork better than 1000 suit.

    wear proper gear for rain: no snow gloves, no rain jackets
    wear proper gear for track: no jeans and wear pucks and full protector
    wear proper gear for dirt bike: armor front, back, proper boots and proper helmets.

    whatever fits well.... don't look at what people think, get what is best and get what's good for you.
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    I like Vanson, good thick leather, well perforated, perfect fit, very comfortable, you just know if you fall, you will stand a good chance to keep your skin.
    If I were you, I would go try on a bunch of outfits and take the one that fits you best. AS stated above, the best leathers are the ones you will wear!

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    Are you dealing primarily with leathers here? Because I find that a lot of the time people overlook boots. You'll find someone in a nice leather jacket, gauntlet gloves and a decent helmet but they're wearing skate shoes. You'll want to find booths that have decent reinforcement around the toe, resist torsion in the ankle and maybe have some protection for the heel. I've got some Vertigo Corsas, they work well so far, but you really shouldn't have to spend that much for a safe boot, just look around a lil..

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    Quote Originally Posted by dre2600
    Are you dealing primarily with leathers here? Because I find that a lot of the time people overlook boots. look around a lil..
    Agreed. The GF and I bought a pair of SIDI's last year....riding with anything else doesnt feel right.

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    Which store do you guys sugggest? RMS, Pacific, Bby Kawasaki ? Any rough estimate on how much a 2 peice vanson suit would be?

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    not all Vanson leather is equal.

    if you're going with Vanson and want maximum protection, make sure the model you're getting is their heaviest weight leather.
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    check your budget and try on everything to see how it fits you. Get the one that is most comfortable for you. That goes for all the gear you need. RMS has decent selection as well as Carter in Coquitlam.
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    For textile, I've been very happy with my Belstaff gear.

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    None right now...
    Are you looking for something to race in, or something to commute in and use for fun weekend rides?

    Just my opinion:

    If you're looking to race, or expect to ride agressively and are "expecting" to drop your bike occasionally as a result, leather is the way to go. It'll last longer, and it'll take a few falls and still be good for another race. But: Black leathers scream "cruiser" and coloured one-piece suits scream "poser". At least that's the first thing that comes to mind when I see them.

    If you're looking for casual rides, commuting, etc., and expect to ride so that you'll never fall, go with textiles. There are many, many, many textile jackets that are waterproof, vented, padded, zippered, and snapped out the wazoo. Try them all on, and buy the one that gives you the best fit and meets your needs. If you're commuting, you want waterproof, and probably a zip-out "winter" liner (for the colder months, not necessarily for "winter"). Find one that also has zip-open vents and you'll be great from early spring to late fall.

    I have a Joe Rocket Revolution jacket. Don't go looking on the site, they don't make it anymore. It was a "premium" model above the Ballistic jacket. The latest Ballistic jacket has most of the features of mine, but mine has a zip-out fleece liner that can be worn as a jacket on its own. The new one has a quilted liner that can't be worn on its own, but has a better arrangement of zip-open vents for better cooling in warmer weather.

    That being said, i've worn my jacket through the okanagan in 30 degree heat, and it was perfectly comfortable while moving.

    My wife just bought a pair of Joe Rocket Alter Ego pants, conveniently we're the same size so I tried them out tonight. 8 degrees out, and perfectly warm riding from Delta to Burnaby at 10:30pm. Very comfortable. She says they are nice in the daytime, you can zip out a panel to reveal a vent that runs from knee to knee around the butt.

    The downside to textiles: You will likely need to replace them if you fall, because they will sacrifice themselves to protect you.
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