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    Hells Gate

    Just a reminder if May 7th is a nice day and you are looking for a longer ride you can ride Hells Gate Tram for free

    Appreciation Day

    Sunday May 7; 9 – 5
    Everyone rides for FREE!

    Season Pass ONLY $3

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    There's damn good toffee and fudge on the other side of that tram.

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    this should be in the lets all go for a group ride im thinkin.
    i think the wife would like that ride forsure.

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    It's a cool place.
    I got sick of riding/driving by it, and finally did it last year.
    In the spring, the Fraser is running at 100,000 gallons a SECOND! The power of the water makes for a good background.
    The pass is good all year (get it early, no charge for the tram after that),
    the foods not bad, and the fudge store is good.
    And the options on the #1 in that area suck anyway!
    chicken strips are a sign of intelligence
    unless you're at the track ;)

    DO IT!

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