the best way to deal with stuip people in cars
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Thread: the best way to deal with stuip people in cars

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    the best way to deal with stuip people in cars

    ive been riding just over a month now and i notice people dont care if your on a bike they will still cut you off like your nothing. so iam looking for some tips that will help me get back at these idiots, ive usually been getting infront of them and dropping the speed limit in half ie: 50 km - 25 km and not letting them pass me ive also noticed that yelling and screeming at them doesnt help they just mock me what do i have to do get off my bike pull them out of the car and beat them ?

    thanks for the feed back Nick

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    just go around them and crack the throttle. why bother making things worse?

    one day you will confront someone after being cut off, and they will pull out a gun and shoot your ass, cuz they are a gang member.

    just let it go and ride.

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    Doing anything will just escalate things.

    Ride where drivers can see you, but assume they don't.

    Quote Originally Posted by doug
    just let it go and ride.
    Ever since you changed to the fedora your posts became much more intelligent.
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    No offense meant (which usually means the following remarks will be offensive), however, noobs want to educate bad motorists, old motorcyclists ride away to tell others about bad motorists.
    I'm hoping for you that in 33 years (the length of time since I swung a leg over my own, first brand new, motorcycle) you can tell a new rider the same thing.

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    bike verses car...............hmmmmmmm let me think loose.

    we all feel your pain. Just dont feel the bumper. Pass them and get it over with. Now if they just pushed you into the ditch then we all need to know the licence plate.hehe...loud pipes save lives.

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    what the F%^& are you talking about willas

    I drive a car/ truck while i await my donor machine to be rideable and all i have to say is its bad drivers everywhere for everyone..
    saturday burnaby chinese guy pulled out in front of me (stupid) i locked breaks stopped honked and he sat infront of me like i wasn't even alive...

    That is some ridiculous shit if i was on a bike i would have smashed his door and window in good with my foot/ Some people you have to remember did get licensed out of a Cereal B ox........

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    Yeah, piss of the cager so that next time he really tries to run a rider off the road. Just grin and bear it -- live to ride another day man....3500lbs cars will always win vs a 300lb bike always when they hit each other...

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    just keep a few stones in your pocket, get in front of him and gently toss a few over your shoulder, that should get him back.....just kidding dont do that

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    blow kisses at thier girlfreinds or wives ;-)
    Too sexy for this forum.

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    Don't do stupid things while riding, like tossing shite, or kicking cars, or swerving infront of them and slowing down. You will always lose. Once I've successfully avoided an accident, I'll give an acknowledging wave to the car driver. And we both hopefully have learned something.

    I'm closing this sucker.
    Reformatted to fit your screen.

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    Get over it quick. They are stupid but don't let their stupidity make your own come to the surface. On a couple of occasions when I've had a problem like that I found that I was so wound up by one stupid motorist that I almost let myself be clobbered by another stupid motorist.

    Accept that they are stupid and can't see you and once past prepare yourself for the next stupid motorist that may be only a few seconds away from the first.

    Zen and peace. Try to live it and use it when riding. You'll live longer.

    PS: Note that us moderators always have the last word. I posted this before I noticed that it was closed...
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