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Thread: Custom Fitting a Helmet

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    Custom Fitting a Helmet

    While I was shopping for a helmet at Modern Motorcycle the other day, I overheard an older gentleman (the store owner, perhaps?) telling a customer that Modern can do custom helmet fitting, and have been doing so for the longest time. They can either make the inside of a bigger helmet smaller by adding additional foam pieces on the inside of the helmet, or they can make a smaller helmet bigger by using a rubber mallet / hammer to pound on the inside of the shock absorbing foam. The older gentleman insists that both practices are safe, and that they have been doing this for the longest time.

    From several helmet-testing articles that I have read before, it seems that in most crashes, shock absorbing foam rarely ever gets totally compressed, meaning that they still have extra capacity to absorb additional energy. But I can't shake off the feeling that tampering with a helmet is not the safest practice around.

    What opinions do you guys have on this issue?


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    thinning it out in areas by partially compressing it just cannot be a good thing.

    adding pieces in areas, on the other hand, can't be a bad thing.
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    if someone offered to pound the inside of my helmet out to make it fit better i'd take my business elsewhere.

    compress the inner shell, lose the ability to absorb impacts. there is a reason why it is recommended you replace the helmet after an accident where it has impact. with this mallet technique, the impact is pre-existing.

    go to modern only if you desperately need parts, have the part's stock number and exact change in hand.

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    do a search on the particular shop and u'll see if you want to believe everythign they say.
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    Considering it's Modern, this is probably what they use.

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    I've heard of "spooning"" a helmet, compressing pressure points using a spoon. Bad idea in my opinion, like cutting half way through your seatbelt because it rubs your neck.

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    Definately not a safe practice. Compressing the foam to 'custom fit' a helmet is basically taking away from the helmet's ability to absorb an impact. If the foam is already partially compressed, and impact is going to be felt that much more by the rider.
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    Why would you compress the inside of a helmet, why not just go a size up and add the foam on the inside? Hitting the inside of a helmet is an idiotic practice and it seems to me that when push comes to shove and someone gets nailed and maimed theres going to be a lawsuit in the making...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traum
    ...telling a customer that Modern can do custom helmet fitting, and have been doing so for the longest time.
    That might be contributing to why Modern's reputation around here has been pretty bad "for the longest time".
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