to stop hijackings....not politically correct....
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Thread: to stop hijackings....not politically correct....

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    Talking to stop hijackings....not politically correct....

    Federal Aviation Agency

    800 Independence Avenue S.W.


    Dear Sirs:

    I have the solution for preventing hijackings, and at the same time getting your airline industry back on its feet.

    Since men of the Muslim religion are not allowed to look at naked women we should require all female flight attendants to perform their jobs naked. Muslims would be afraid to get on the planes for fear of seeing a naked woman, and of course, every businessman in this country would start flying again in hopes of seeing a naked woman. We would have no more hijackings, and the airline industry would have record sales.

    Now why didn't Bush think of this? Why do I still have to do everything myself?


    Bill Clinton
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    Yeah right!
    oh that's a classic

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    classic clinton

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