Did you take a motorcycle course?

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Thread: Did you take a motorcycle course?

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    Did you take a motorcycle course?

    I read an interesting statistic...92% of motorcycle crashes involve a motorcyclist who didn't take a motorcycle course...but of course..that statistic is useless without knowing how many people did a course compared to people who didn't...

    Also, the planning is for people who are just getting into riding but havn't started yet...

    so thus..the poll

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    I had almost no riding experience...so I took the course. I learned A LOT of cool things. I would highly recomend taking a course.

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    I took a course 5 years ago before I bought my first bike. I definitely recommend it. I took a course with the BCSC, and they'll teach you street riding safety tips that will take you a couple years of riding experience to figure out for yourself. To learn how to ride a motorcycle is the easy part, learning how to ride it safely on city streets is what's more challenging.

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    i thoguth they just give u a license?? i got mine in richmond
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    no no they don't just give it to you, you have to pay for it.. then you get it.
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    BCSC before I bought a bike - highly recommend it.
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    I took the course at PRS, well worth the money. No way I would have gotten into motorcycling without first doing the course.
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    Motorcycling, like any risky endeavour, requires *constant* upgrading, in equipment (safety and otherwise), and in skill sets.
    Education and skill sets should be upgraded continually.
    Had a course?
    Take another, see what you can learn.

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    i was riding 4 months before the course

    so i did take the course but it gave me almost nothing becuase my friend that had taken it prerviously taught me everything they were going to teach me... it was still fun though, Dats awsome
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    Taking a course was the best damn thing I ever did on a bike, besides buying it. It may seem pricy, but being show how to ride properly pays for the course right away, plus all the other perks that goes along with it.
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    non yet :(
    I am currently enrolled in classes which start on May 8th at PRS.
    Its nice to be assured that its worth taking this course

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    I'm taking the PRS course starting next week. I already have a bike, and my father's been teaching me to ride on the bike I bought, but I want to make sure I do things the right way.

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    wouldn't dream of not taking a course

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    no course.

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