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    underarmour thing

    so.. theres a friend of a friend whos a rider and a good supplier of lots and lots and lots of motorcycle parts and accesories and some pretty good prices too.

    at anyrate since many of us wear UA he was speaking with the under armor rep and wanted to start selling. this is a quote from the friend of a friend about his conversation, (NOT A DIRECT QUOTE FROM THE CONVERSATION)

    "well, the head sales rep. in my area told me that he wasnt able to set me up because i am not considered a "sporting goods" store. he told me that their marketing strategy is to work towards growing their football, baseball, etc. base and they are not in the market to expand into our world."

    i know a lot of people that are pissed about the response being that a good deal of us do wear UA products, that we are very brand loyal, and especially that we obviously spend a great deal of money on our pleasure/sport. the feeling by some is that if we are not viewed as important enough to allow dealers the ability to sell UA products to us, then perhaps we shouldn't use UA products. I personally thought it was sorta crap for many reasons ranging from "why wouldn't you want to allow someone else to market your gear in a new direction that you hadn't thought of" to the simple fact that the guy that is trying to set up to sell UA gear has offered me some great deals and been nothing but helpful with getting me exactly what i want when i want it, as well as giving a lot of advice.

    at anyrate anyone that wants to offer support is welcome to

    many have sent emails expressing there upset to


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    Welcome to the world of business. I would bet a sporting goods store where people go to buy sporting goods and clothing applicable to that end use would be a viable account to service as they can move a lot of product. A bike shop is not where people go to buy base layer clothing. I go there to buy motorcycle related items.

    Now if you can make a go selling baselayer goods that do have a place in your clothing system for riding then go for it. I have thought about it and many other products that I do not see offered on the market. We actually make a some great packs and base layers that work well for biking but you will not find any in a motorcycle shop.(except a special run we did for Imperial way back)
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    I have a dri-fit shirt I bought from Running Room about two months ago that I plan to use for riding this year. A word to the wise: The RR shirts are the exact same material, and cost 50 per cent less.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpideRider
    The RR shirts are the exact same material, and cost 50 per cent less.
    Thanks gonna check it out, I usually wear a "dri fit" (Nike ewhh) shirt/pants combo in the warmer months. More affordable than those RS Taichi suits.

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    Keep an eye open for Costco too. I bought two running shirts that look and operate much like the dri fit shirts from them last year. Dirt cheap too. And a big bonus, for me at least, was no corporate logos on them.

    Now if I could only get some pants to match for under the leathers.
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    Keep an eye open for Costco too.
    I got a couple of those for running as well, real good for riding as well.
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    mec has the same thing, their brand but cheaper. I have UA bought off ebay, paid half of what stores charge up here. Heat gear costs $40 up here and $25 in the USA.
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    If you want to support a brand that supports motorcycles buy the Alpinestars stuff, same thing as UA and dri-fit. I've been buying shirts at the addidas outlet in Marysville when I go to Seattle, same as the others and cost is $20-35/shirt, haven't seen any full length pants there yet but I keep looking.


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