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Thread: Jack A$$ Cagers!

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    Red the Dog

    Jack A$$ Cagers!

    so i'm coming back across lions gate and through stanley park and then onto georgia. so i move to the right most lane after the right turn and i'm flying along peacefully coming round that nice wide left turn and this F&*^(& C*)*&( suddenly decides to move into the right lane cuz its moving faster. of course shes pulled up so close to car infront of her all her attention is at slipping her bumper around the guy infront of her, last second she guns it and looks in the mirror, freaks out (cuz i'm there) and slams her brakes (which isn't helping me any) so i come down hard on the brakes. lock up my back tire and it slides out to my right, manage to keep the bike up by dropping the gear quickly and giving it some gas so the tire bites in again. anyways.. close call and she looks at me and gives a little sorta look that "you shouldn't be coming round that corner so quickly" I get up next to her and I politely (sorta) state that she should perhaps check her mirrors and shoulder check before suddenly jumping lanes, especially in a corner. friggin retard.

    earlier in the day, I'm going along #1 i'm in the far right lane, this guy comes flying out of a on ramp pulls across traffic so he can keep gunning it, he is along side meand theres a truck up ahead in his lane. so he naturally decides to move into the other lane, which i am occupying. now i figure being a big guy, with a helmet that sparkles (shark rsr silver and such) and riding a big yellow and blue brand new bike thats bright as hell, with HID bulbs would make me very visible especially considering that i'm right beside him. this jack a$$ must have no peripheral vision or be looking at his girlfriend or playing with his cell or something. he comes right into my lane along side me. I rev the shit out of the engine and he looks at me like "ooops sorry"

    what the hell? I know there are a good deal of retarded zombie drivers out there but this kind of crap can so easily be avoided. what the hell is wrong with people? its really to difficult to check your mirrors every so often and to look over before you change lanes.

    this is my rant. oh and people in the left most lane that insist on going the same speed as everyone else. WTF?

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    well im glad u made it out ok....yes there r plenty of retards out there...i didnt make it out so well though...lucky u...

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    It's obvious that your awareness is good, as you can describe everything that happened up to the point of conflict. Always use those skills and plan for the worse scenario... glad to know you got away unscathed.

    And good for you for staying civil.

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    Haha, damn dude, don't let that bike get hurt!
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    time for some loud pipes .

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    Last season I was riding along the parkway in north van in the left lane. Down the road I see construction (200m) and all the traffic has to merge to the right lane, so i check and move over. I am now almost up to the construction zone (50m) and in my mirror i see trouble....the dreaded SUV doing 80 (in a 60 zone) to move up 5 car lengths and get to their destinations 1/4 of a second faster. I am already in the far left hand side of the right lane to protect my lane spot. this ass hat runs up beside me and starts moving in no check no signal so blair on my horn....this is where it gets interesting THIS JERK LOOKS AT ME WAVES AND KEEPS MOVING INTO MY LANE...thank god the driver behind me gets on his brakes becuase he was smart enough to see this may go bad so i move over into the bike lane and get on the brakes and the cager speeds off...i would have chased him but i was a little shakey after almost becoming another dent on a ford exploer
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    If you got your radar (biker senses) on you can read a lot of stuff. Sounds like both Red the Dog and Frapps could see there was something up before and spidey senses were going off. Good on ya. I have had many incidents like these and usually they all are telegraphed if you are paying attention. That is part of the thrill. Suck it up and keep your head on. Survive the game.
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    ....especially considering that i'm right beside him.....

    Survival tip: Never ride beside or in someone's blind spot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red the Dog
    oh and people in the left most lane that insist on going the same speed as everyone else. WTF?
    If they're going at least the speed limit it's legal for them to do so. We don't have a "slower traffic must keep right" law like they do in some parts of the world.
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    eyah, all these happens way to often if you decided to commute daily.
    just gotat keep working on being proactive and knowing when and what to look for during a ride.
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    In the faster right lane on a left curve in heavy traffic = prime for getting cut off.
    Beside an observed aggressive driver with an obvious reason for him to change lanes = prime for getting lane-changed into.

    Why would you expect any different?

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    I'll have a cup of coffee, black. And two Prozac please.

    Geez, what do we as motorcyclists expect? We're not royalty, we have to share the road with other morons.
    I believe the word now, (or is it old) is "chill."
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    ..and i'm flying along peacefully coming round that nice wide left turn and...
    Single track vehicle that is speeding is very hard for cagers to judge distance and speed.

    ...especially considering that i'm right beside him...
    Last week's Motorcycle Experience on TSN had them talking about the "death spot", which is right beside the vehicle in the blind spot. If you're in the blind spot, but not beside the vehicle you're a little bit safer.


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    Sounds like a regular day commuting in Vancouver.
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