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    painting enjoy the link follow the lead

    69chargeryeehaa 9th link down read away. I have done this same paint work and it lasted looked good / looked better with clearcoating...

    And his full photoshop...

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    thats awesome man. imagine the look on peoples faces when you tell them you painted your charger with a can of tremclad.

    maybe ill have to try it some time. cant hurt for around 50 bucks

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    Just did the 98 TLR tail/fender/cowl and soon the tank...
    I am clearcoating mine and using some serious elaborate masking/ decals/in the end i think people will seriously shit when i tell them i have paid 50 in paint 200 in body work crap and used 1000 man hours of polishing to get the look i got in the end... But there is something to be said for doing the work yourself and having people drool over your work afterwards.......

    Pictures soon....

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    Tremclade Paint

    I have painted a couple of my PU trucks with trimclade. They looked OK to start with but started to loose their shine after a few short months. Within 2 years were completely flat in appearance. Did not stand up to sun/UV. Maybe just maybe the shine would have lasted if I had clear coated. I would worry about the lacquer thinners you use in clear coat congealing the trimclad and the new paint job would look like s__t.

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    It looks good if you clearcoat many layers but it does look flat if you just leave it afterwards....

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