Hayden cleared to ride w/ broken leg
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Thread: Hayden cleared to ride w/ broken leg

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    Hayden cleared to ride w/ broken leg

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    im sure he talked to duhamel and asked whats the best way to ride broken in half ..or better yet doohan ,,he rode and could barely get out of bed .

    too bad i though hayden had a chance to win this year .Hope spies takes it and maladin gets pissed

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    I've never understood that strong of a competitive instinct. I've injured myself plenty over the years at karate, and I've always taken enough time off to heal. (Granted, I wasn't being paid millions to fight, and that just MIGHT have something to do with his decision. )
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    He clearly is not thinking beyond this season. Does he really want to chance walking like a gimp the rest of his life to brag about what he did when he was twenty?
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    hes been a bit of a MR.crash MC-crashy on the superbike so far ,hopefully he doesnt permantly wreck himself . hes kinda like his brother nicky as far as a competitior,but needs the sensibility of tommy ,,mix em up and hed be nutso !

    he may be a GP star before tommy gun i think

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