Anyone in the Service Industry?
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Thread: Anyone in the Service Industry?

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    Anyone in the Service Industry?

    Due to my accident I'm a bartender without a job. I know how the industry works and u don't get anywhere without knowing the right, who here has connections or is directly involved in the industry. I have 3 yrs. bartending experience(1 of which was as a head bartender) which includes flair and fire work. Any kind of help would be appreciated I need a job BAD!

    Thanx in advance!

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    do you need a job in any service industry or just bartending?
    if you like customer service/sales, we have openings at Bell world..

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    As a sales monkey tho...
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    hey Hammer

    I could probably help you out with a restaurant job... I have worked as a manager for Red Robin, Boston Pizza, Earls, and soon will be at Cactus Club as a 1st assistant manager..(what can I say I am a restaurant whore!! I still have a lot of connections around town with these restaurants. PM me and I will find out for you if you are interested!!

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    hey guys...
    Ehsan and Jason.... I PM'd you both. Please get back to me as soon as you can.

    Thanks boys.


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