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    oh man. this bike is sooooo nice. I just saw one going down the streets in London U.K. I didn't like it at first when I saw the pictures on the net. But when I saw it fly past me. It was sooo nice.

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    I quite like the look of the 999. I don't know about the wing piece that runs along the front of the side fairings, but other than that its a sweet bike. Its so narrow from the front too. I read a test in MCN between the R1 and the 999 and the 999 won. It was down a little on power, but it made up for it with its torque, handling and suspension. The other day I was driving home along W. 2nd Ave and I saw what looked to be a Troy Bayliss replica bike. It was Ducati 916/996/998 style bike with all of the infostrada decals. Did they sell a bike like this in Canada? Does anyone on this site own one? I thought maybe it was Troy. I thought maybe he just realized that Colin was gonna take the race in Imola and the championship and he decided to just go into hiding.

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    hahah.... i saw this bike as well about a week ago..... i heard that it was ordered from Ducati and shipped to RMS for someone with A LOT of money.... i think it's a limited run bike like the Bostrom replica....
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    I saw the Bostrom replica at RMS before, but I saw that Bayliss replica in West Van last week. The rider was wearing replica Bayliss leathers as well. Very nice. Someone obviously has lots of money!! (and good taste too!)

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