2 brand new Acer AL2032WA black 20 wide-screen LCD monitors
3 year warranty
800:1 contrast ratio
DVI-D and VGA signal connectors
two integrated 5.0-watt speakers
With a 16:9 aspect ratio, the wide-screen Acer AL2032W A is great for movie viewing and design projects.

More info: http://global.acer.com/products/moni...20brochure.pdf

Nice display, really bright. We bought two of them but they dont really work with our CAD-software (ratio-problem). After spending ours on the hotline with Acer and our software supplier I gave up.
550 Can-$ (retail 800+tax).Take two as a package: 1000-$ (dual screen setup).

Willing to trade:I am looking for a 16 or 17 aluminum wheel set for a 2001 VW Golf GTI or a digital SLR camera.

PM or email me: stefan@cadwork.ca